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The 1980s: the age of Cindy, Naomi, and Claudia, the era of stirrups and spandex. Against this backdrop Midwestern teen Emily Woods plunges into the glamorous but grueling world of modeling. But Emily is more than just a small-town beauty with stars in her eyes: She's been accepted to Columbia University, and she's not about to let couture and klieg lights get in the way of an Ivy League education.

Right. Emily tries to juggle it all but keeps dropping the ball: cramming new bikini poses instead of for finals; gaining the freshman fifteen and busting designer seams; spending more time with Clairol than Cicero.

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"The dialogue is bright and authentic, and the pace is as breathless as Emily's ascent. . . This appealing character will have readers rooting for her all the way." —Publisher's Weekly

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